Along with providing strong dance opportunities for Central Florida artists and students, we are expanding our programs to offer professional theatre experiences! We will be bringing to life full stage productions, including plays, musicals and workshop series performances. Each production will begin with an audition process, exposing students to real life experiences of working in the theatre industry. While working with several talented professionals in the industries of theatre, music and dance, we strive to establish a strong, diverse option of training for our students and to provide an environment where creativity, love of dance and music, and a passion for entertainment can thrive.

We believe that dancers should not only be strong, technically trained dancers, but strong performers as well!  As entertainers, our challenge is to take our audiences on a journey through the stories we tell.  Through this program, we hope to help cultivate strong dancers, singers and actors who truly understand what it means to be entertainers, and what better place to build this talent than in Central Florida!

Creative Director – Alex Schudde-Ellis

Music Director – Stephanie Elfont

Technical Director – Marshall Ellis

Upcoming Performance

ME Performing Arts will host its first production of “Throughly Modern Millie Jr.” March 13, 14 & 15, 2020.

She’s a spunky kid who’s moved to New York from Salina, Kansas. She’s ready to join the modern women of the 1920’s, raise her skirt, bob her hair, marry her boss and have a stable future. But then, there’s Jimmy…

ME Performing Arts is pleased to present its youth production of Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior, with performances on Friday and Saturday, March 13th & 14th at 7:00pm, and Sunday March 15th at 1:00 pm. All performances will be at the ME Theatre, 1300 La Quinta Drive Orlando, FL 32809. General admission tickets will be available at the door and on our website, and will be $10 for youth (ages 6-18) and $20 for adults. Special VIP ticket packages are also available on our website.

This zany story revolves around Millie Dillmount (Cecilia Miller), who escapes to New York City from Salina, Kansas determined to marry her wealthy boss – whoever he may be. Shedding her country girl image for the modern look of a flapper, she takes a room at the Priscilla Hotel for Women and gets a job as a stenographer at the Sincere Trust Insurance Company. In short time, she meets Jimmy Smith (Keagan Bartlett), an apparently unsuccessful paper clip salesman; Miss Dorothy Brown (Isabel Messinger), a genteel aspiring actress who is excited to be poor; and Trevor Graydon III (George Lacomb), the unromantic boss Millie wants to marry. Add in the hotel proprietress and villainess everyone loves to hate, Mrs. Meers (Grae Jordan), and her assistants Ching Ho (Asher Levine) and Bun Foo (Quinn Bergethon) whom she forces to carry out her diabolical schemes, and you’ve got a fantastic story of adventure, romance, comedy and pure entertainment.

Rounding out the talented cast are Faubieolla Satur as Miss Flannery, and the Hotel Priscilla girls played by Mia Duxbury, Jiana Gonzalez, Avery Haugh, Lydia Hinners, Frances Recio, Emily Stilling, Cas Stilling, and Evelyn Pasch.

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